Schwartz Voting Record

The campaign web site is full of information geared towards making you a more informed voter. I firmly believe that a voter who has the facts, always make the right choice. Before being elected in 2012, Commissioner Schwartz proudly served on County and City Boards. Commissioner Schwartz was elevated to Chair as a result of his vision, accomplishments, and the ability to utilize sound business fundamentals and reasoning.

Giving back to the community is a core value that Commissioner Jay Schwartz firmly believes in.

In 2008, Commissioner Jay Schwartz was given the distinct honor to represent more than 500 small business owners for the Miramar-Pembroke Pines Chamber of Commerce as one of their representatives on the City of Pembroke Pines Economic Development Board. Schwartz Appointed To EDB By Chamber

Small business owners are the economic engine of our country. Since 2005. Commissioner Jay Schwartz has been a proud member of the Miramar-Pembroke Pines Chamber of Commerce.

Prior to being elected to the City Commission, Jay Schwartz served on two Chamber Boards
1. Co-Chaired Business Development Committee
2. Government Affairs Committee

Commissioner Jay Schwartz served as 3-Term Chair of the City of Pembroke Pines Economic Development Board. Listed below is the record of accomplishments prior to being elected to the City Commission in 2012.

4-22-2008 Schwartz First EDB Meeting
5-27-2008 Schwartz Focus on Cost Analysis
8-21-2008 Schwartz Tackles Commercial Property For Sale
9-23-2008 Schwartz Calls For Business Plans and City Center Focus
10-30-2008 Schwartz Sets Focus for Goals and Objectives
11-18-2008 Board Works towards Schwartz Goal

02-05-2009 EDB Approves Mission Statement
03-05-2009 EDB Power Business Week
04-16-2009 Business Expo Discussion
05-07-2009 EDB Prepares Commission Report
06-18-2009 Schwartz Elected Chairman
08-20-2009 Schwartz Sets Vision
09-17-2009 Schwartz Invites Chair of BOA
10-15-2009 Commercial Real Estate Speaker
11-19-2009 Chamber CEO Addresses Board
12-17-09 Eastern Redevelopment Discussion

01-21-2010 Establishment of Loan-Grant Program for Small Business
02-18-2010 Schwartz Encourages Transparency
03-18-2010 EDB REJECTS Board Cuts
04-15-10 EDB Tackles Property Taxes
06-17-10 Schwartz Elected 2 Term Chair
07-01-10 EDB Tackles Taxes,Fees, Water Rates
08-19-2010 EDB Local Business Forum
09-16-2010 EDB Joint Board Workshop Proposal
10-21-10 Schwartz Wants Local Business Exposure
12-16-10 EBD Takes Lead Role Establishing Board Work Process

01-20-11 EDB Raps Up Stakeholder Meetings

EDB Roles Out Economic Plan For City

02-17-11 EDB Crime Discussion
03-17-11 EDB Crime Discussion
04-21-11 EDB Annual Report Discussion
05-19-11 EDB Recommendation Adopted By Commission
06-16-11 Schwartz Elected 3-Term Chair
09-15-11 EDB General Meeting

Broward County Board

Commissioner Jay Schwartz served on the Broward County Central Examining Board for Specialty Contractors – Construction Board, appointed by Broward County Commissioner Lois Wexler in 2008 as a consumer advocate.

Commissioner Jay Schwartz served 2-terms as Vice Chair and was Chair of the Board at the time of his election to the City of Pembroke Pines Commission.

You may request copies of minutes/voting records by calling 954-765-4400. Printing costs may apply.

Voting Record 2012 – the present

Commissioner Schwartz hit the ground running by providing swift and bold initiatives to improve the quality of life for residents. Listed below are some of the results achieved:

  • Tax assessment placed on Bank-owned property for work being performed by the City for Code Compliance
  • Initiated the expansion of the Economic Development Department to meet the demands of the public
  • Established the Natalie Belmonte Great Yards Award
  • Compelled Right Light Camera Vendor ATS to pay the City $340K for contract breach
  • Ended the Red Light Camera Program in June 2013
  • Lead the Effort to Protect Pembroke Pines from a proposed Immigration Detention Center, 18K criminals would have been released annually into our City and surrounding communities per ICE regulations (Court has ruled in the City’s Favor)
  • Completed Douglas Wall project by modifying construction type to save more than $100K for the District
  • Initiated the Standardizing of a Citywide Neighborhood Watch Program
  • Initiated Sheridan Street and Taft Street Beautification Projects for the District
  • Adopted Citywide Streetscape Plan
  • Development of City Center using $1 Million in Grant Funds
  • Initiated the end of City Manager $700+ year contract
  • Implemented a system wide pay rate study to reduce government waste
  • Blocked significant water rate increases
  • Installation of Traffic Signal 76th & Sheridan Street for the District
  • Promoted Charter School Reform
  • Promoted Public Education Funding Efforts
  • Reduced construction costs for City projects
  • Implementation of Business Signage Program to meet the needs of the residents
  • Initiated Ethics and Transparency requirements for all functions of City Government Boards
  • Initiated Charter Amendment Ballot to require all Charter Officials receive performance evaluations
  • Promoted Finance Director Succession Planning and Diversity Initiative
  • Promoted Fire Assessment Fee forecasting Initiated Optimist Club & City Administration Support Meetings
  • Initiated Permit Fee Overhaul to streamline the process and reduce fees to residents
  • Reduced Trash Disposal Costs to residents
  • Streamlined Recycling and Bulk Schedules
  • Initiated Public Safety Outreach to fight Federal sequestration cuts
  • Adopted the creation of a City Economic Strategic Plan
  • Initiated Military Job Fair, Procurement Credits, and Fee Reductions
  • Reduced Resident Park user fees by 67%
  • Organized a Regional Town Hall Event regarding Oil Well Drilling in the Everglades

The Plan…………

  • To continue to deliver District capital and beautification projects, to ensure the tax dollars you pay stay in the District
  • To continue to promote low tax rates, low fees, and to reduce the overall cost of government
  • To continue to support law enforcement to reduce crime
  • To continue to provide top rate City Services
  • To continue to strengthen our local economy
  • To continue to provide the leadership we deserve

“I am personally asking for your support. I promise to keep my word, to uphold the ethical standards expected of an elected official, and to work diligently to pursue the leadership we deserve.”

Jay Schwartz, Candidate
City of Pembroke Pines Commission, District 2, non-partisan