Commissioner Jay Schwartz Supports Public Schools

Commissioner Jay Schwartz is a product of Public Education and has been the voice for Broward County Students seeking A+ ratings for every school in the community. An A-Rated school has a positive impact on the students, parents, and real estate values for the neighborhood. Vice Mayor Jay Schwartz organized the first intergovernmental workshop, in more than a decade, with the Broward School Board and Superintendent Runcie to achieve the goals and objectives expected from Government. Commissioner Schwartz was a part of the community outreach and selection process for two new School Principals at Pines Lakes Elementary & Pasadena Lakes Elementary. Commissioner Schwartz believes every child should have the same opportunity to be provided a great education, by great teachers, and in a safe & healthy environment. Commissioner Schwartz frequently participates in community reading days, career days, & other school activities throughout the City. Commissioner Schwartz personally signs Honor Roll letters for students every quarter. Commissioner Schwartz is committed to Student safety and has supported funding to have an SRO at every school.

Commissioner Schwartz sheds light on his life experience and support for high performing public education


Video excerpt of the workshop with the Broward County School Board



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