About Jay

Making the personal decision about who you want to vote for begins by knowing more about the person, their background, their values, and their goals in life.

My wife, Stacey, and I are blessed to have two wonderful children. We believe in core family values and want our children to understand  the importance of being involved in our community.

Allow me to tell you a little bit about my background.

Growing up was not easy. My sister and I were raised by a single mother in Philadelphia. My mother managed with only a GED to learn a trade by becoming a dog groomer, a blue collar job with no health benefits and considerably low income. Our mother taught us how to manage money on a tight budget, to live life with integrity, and to give back to your community.

My sister and I knew that we could not let mom down. We studied hard in school and worked odd jobs to bring money into the household. Our hard work paid off.

In 1993, I obtained my Business Management Degree from Barry University and in 1996 I completed my Masters in Business Administration from Nova Southeastern University. My wife and I started a home inspection and mold inspection business that has been serving South Florida for 12 years.

My sister obtained her Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine and practices in Coral Springs.

Growing up in Philadelphia from the Liberty Bell to the streets of West Philly, I learned what it meant to live in a multicultural melting pot. I saw the nice neighborhoods and those that used to be. In school, I had friends whose parents were policemen, firemen, teachers, as well as City Council Members.

Prior to leaving for Florida, I was awarded The City of Philadelphia Union League Citizenship Award for my community service outreach. My Eagle Scout project included working with the Police Department to establish a local fingerprinting program for children.

I have spent more than half of my life living in Pembroke Pines. In 1987, my grandparents made Park Place their home and in 1989, I had the privilege of living with them during my 4 years of college. My grandparents showed me what it was like to live on a fixed income, what it meant when taxes and fees went up, when social security did not cover the bills, and how important response time was when the rescue truck was called for a medical emergency.

I remember the days when Flamingo Road was basically the end of the line and how Hurricane Andrew changed our City forever. The expedited growth to the west, the traffic, and of course the crime. More than once, I have been a victim of crime in this City. The most serious was having a loaded gun pulled on me during an armed robbery.

I believe in the need to infuse metrics into the measurement of our effectiveness of government. We can no longer afford to judge our effectiveness based on some blind adherence to tradition. And frankly I think my opponent stands in complete defense of status quo. We just can’t afford that kind of narrow minded focus when there are issues that must be addressed and systems that must be fixed.

Prior to my election in 2012 I served as three term Chair of our City’s Economic Development Advisory Board and two term Vice Chair of the Broward County Central Examining Board for General and Specialty Contractors.

As Chair of the City’s Economic Development Board, we created innovative initiatives that have been recognized by many that will take this City to its deserving place for the residents.

My understanding of the Real Estate market and the struggles our retired and working class families experience is the type of Leadership We Deserve.

I served as Co-Chair of the Miramar/Pembroke Pines Chamber of Commerce Business Development Committee whose task is to foster economic development and job growth for small businesses. As a member of the Miramar/Pembroke Pines Chamber of Commerce Government Affairs Committee, it is our task to monitor and educate the public on Local and State issues.

As the resident that reached out to the Commission to pass the City’s first sexual predator ordinance, I believe we must do more in our community to provide our residents a safer City.

My community involvement does not stop there. I have been a baseball coach for WPPO & Pasadena Walnut Creek Optimists.

My wife and I have been ardent supporters for the City of Hope Pembroke Pines Chapter and the Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital.

Since 2012, I have proudly served as your District 2 City Commissioner and Vice Mayor.

It is my hope that I have given you insight of who I am, what I stand for, and how I can continue to provide the Leadership We Deserve. I encourage you to reach out to me over the next coming weeks leading up to the election. It will be my honor to meet you.

Jay Schwartz, Incumbent
City of Pembroke Pines Commission, District 2, non-partisan